Sic Bo Rules

Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese gambling game. It is found in a variety of gambling locations across the US and is particularly popular in Atlantic City. The game is most popular in Macau, China. Sic Bo can also be found in online casinos. Some Las Vegas will also have this game, although the tables tend to be limited. Sic Bo rules and Sic Bo payouts may vary depending on where you are playing.

Sic Bo uses three dice and there are a number of betting option for each roll of the dice. The odds and table layout may be different depending on where you are playing.  The same is true for payouts, although they tend to be the same in Macau and Atlantic City, where the game is very popular.  Anything goes in Las Vegas and online, in terms of payouts and these may also very significantly from Macau and Atlantic City. 

Sic Bo can also be seen under a variety of different names depending on where you are playing as well.  For instance, it is also known as Dai Siu, Tai Sai, big and small or hi-lo.  The name that the game goes by depends on where you are playing. The game was introduced to the US by Chinese immigrants early in the 20th century.  As of 2002, United Kingdom casinos began allowing the game to be played in licensed casinos as well.

Sic Bo Basic Rules
The basic Sic Bo rules are rather simplistic, but there are several options for wagering. Sic Bo is played with three dice that are shaken in a plastic cup, in most casinos.  A basket may also be used for shaking. Traditionally, the dice was shook on a plate covered by a bowl. The bowl would be removed to reveal the combination of dice.  Casinos that are more modern use dice shakers and the outcome is then typed into a computer, which lights up the winning areas on the table. 
On a Sic Bo table, you can wager on many different combinations. The payoffs for the game are often listed on what appears to be a roulette-type table.  The winning areas of the table indicate the winning combinations. The bets and associated odds for each combination can be different from casino to casino.

The following are the Sic Bo bets that you can place in most casinos:
Big: This wins on a total of 11-17, except if the dice show a three of a kind.  The payout on this bet is 1 to 1.
Small: This bet wins on a total of 4-10, except if the dice show a three of a kind.  The payout is also 1-1 on this bet.
4: This bet wins if the dice equal a total of 4.  This is the riskiest and highest paying bet.  The payouts vary depending on where you play, but in Macau the payout is 50-1 and in Atlantic City the payout is 60-1.  Online and Vegas casinos may vary, but this bet should pay the highest.
5: This bet wins if there is a total of 5.  This also varies in payout depending where you play.  In Macau, it is generally 18-1 and in Atlantic City it is generally 30-1.
6: This bet wins with a total of 6.  Payouts vary but are 14-1 in Macau and 17-1 in Atlantic City.
7: This best wins when dice equal 7.  Payouts vary but tend to be 12-1 in Macau and in Atlantic City. 
8: Wins on a total of 8 and pays 8-1 generally.
9: Wins on a total of 9 and generally pays 6-1.
10: Wins on a total of 10 and generally pays 6-1.
11: Dice equal 10 and pays generally pays the same as 10.
12: Wins on 12 and pays the same as 9.
13: Wins on 13 and pays 8-1.
14: Wins on 14 and pays 12-1.
15: Wins on 15 and generally pays 14-1 in Macau or 17-1 in Atlantic City.
16: Wins on a total of 16 and generally pays 18-1 in Macau and 30-1 in Atlantic City.
17: Wins on 17 and generally pays 50-1 in Macau and 60-1 in Atlantic City.
Two of a Kind: With this bet, the player may bet on any of the 15 possible two dice combinations, such as 3 and 4 or 1 and 2.  The wager wins if both numbers appear.  Pays 5-1.
Double: The player may bet on any specific pair, such as two 2's.  Player wins if at least 2 of those numbers appear.  Generally pays 8-1 in Macau or 10-1 in Atlantic City.
Triple: The player must bet on any specific triples, such as three 2's.    The player wins their wager if all three dice match the triple.  Pays 150 -1 in Macau and 180-1 in Atlantic City.
Any Triple: With this wager, the player wins when there is any three of a kind.  Typically pays 24-1 in Macau and 30-1 in Atlantic City.
1-6: This bet is when the player wagers on any specific number ranging from 1 to 6.  If the number they choose appears once, they win 1-1 on the payout.  If it appears twice, they win 2-1 and 3 times pays 3-1.
Odd: This bet wins on any odd total the dice show, but loses on a three of a kind.  This is a bet that is never seen in the US, although common in Macau.
Even: Wins on any even total, but loses on a three of a kind.  Another bet that is common in Macau, but never in the US.

If you happen to be playing in China, specifically Macau, it is not uncommon to see dice that use pictures and colors rather than numbers. This version of Sic Bo is referred to as Yee Hah Hi. This version of Sic Bo also has different bets and winning payouts.

When considering Sic Bo rules, it's also important to realize that each bet has a different house advantage.  These vary accordingly to the house's Sic Bo rules as well as the payouts for the casino, especially when playing online and in Las Vegas.

Before you even sit down to play, you need to make a decision on how much you are going to bet. Many players sit down willing to risk far more than they can afford to lose, so you don't want to do this, as it is a great way to go home broke. But, if you follow a few money management rules, you can increase your chances of walking away with money (and hopefully more than you sat down with):
Before you sit down at the table, decide how much you are going to lose.
Divide your money up and watch how much you will bet at each round.
One of the best ways to walk away with money is to "pocket" a certain percentage of your winnings when you win.  Or, pocket all of it.
For instance, let's say you have $500 to bet.  Incidentally, because you are willing to bet it, you're also willing to lose it.  Start the game out betting the minimum, $25 for example.  Put any winnings aside and at the end of the 25th round, you will have played $500 even. This is exactly how much you already intended to spend, so anything above that are winnings.
This is a simple strategy to use and will give you a chance to play the game longer without going broke or needing to hit the ATM or use more cash that you originally intended. Remember, when you're gambling anytime you walk away with money in your pocket, even if it is $20, you're still a winner! Luck of the draw plays a major factor in gambling, so be careful and disciplined. Try not to allow your emotions to get the better of you while you are gambling, especially on a game like baccarat because the game is based so much on luck of the draw.

The largest bet on punto receives two cards that are also face down. The punto player can then look at the cards and give them back to the dealer. The dealer then turns the cards over while another casino dealer announces winner and results of the hand.
If the banco or punto hand has a total of eight or night, this hand is a "natural."  No more cards are dealt after this.  However, if it is not a natural, then the casino dealer will instruct the card dealer to deal a third card, depending on the value of each hand. When to deal the third card is set based on the set of rules for third card dealing for both the player and the bank.
When dealing has ended, the hand with the highest hand count is the winner. The casino dealers then pay winning bets and collect losing bets. The player dealer is not responsible for handling payouts, as he is still playing against the casino.

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