Roulette Rules

Roulette is a game of luck, pure and simple. The wheel decides whether you win or lose, but this does not mean that there are no rules.  
Roulette originated in France and the layout of the game we play today dates back to 1842. Roulette table layouts provide two betting areas.  The inside area includes the individual numbers that you can bet on. The outside area includes columns for red and black as well as odd and even numbers. This area also includes the groups of numbers that you can bet. The numbers area includes twelve rows of three numbers, which forms three vertical columns of numbers. The 0 and 00 are located at the top.

The idea of roulette is to pick the winning number. There are various components to the game that can have a play in whether you win or lose.  For instance, there are two different roulette wheels. The European wheel actually has 37 slots that are numbered 0-36.  The house has an edge of 2.63%.  The American wheel actually has 38 numbers because a double zero (00) was added to the wheel. The addition of the number increases the house's edge up to 5.26%.

Betting Options
When you play roulette in a casino, there are specific rules on when you can bet. There are various bet combinations that you can make when playing roulette.

Roulette provides you with a number of betting options to help you increase your chances of winning. The wheel in roulette contains the numbers 1-18 and 19-36.  Each number is also a color, either red or black.  In addition, there are both even and odd numbers on the wheel.  Collectively, you have a number of different betting options to take advantage of.

Roulette is perhaps the simplest game in the casino to play.  Each casino provides you with a specific amount of time to place your bets.  

Your options for betting include:
Single numbers up to 36
On a line, which allows you to place a bet on two numbers at once
On a row
On a corner
Two rows
First 12 numbers (1-12)
Second 12 numbers (13-24)
Third 12 numbers (25-36)
1-18 Collectively
19-36 Collectively
Red or Black
Even or Odd

Your payout depends on what bets you have placed. The following are the bets with their payouts. The harder the bet is to win, the higher the payout. This is obviously because these bets are more likely to lose than they are to win.

Roulette pay out Schedule:
Single numbers up to 36 = 35-1 payout
On a line = 17-1 payout
On a row = 11-1 payout
On a corner = 8-1 payout
Two rows = 5-1 payout
First, second and third 12 numbers = 2-1 payout
1-18 or 1-19 Collectively = 1-1 payout
Red or black and even or odd = 1-1 payout

When placing your bets, it is always a smart idea to keep your bets together. For instance, you have a better chance of winningI You bet on 12, even and red rather than 12, odd and black. This provides you with a better chance of winning more bets because you are not betting against yourself at the same time.

Basic Game Play
To begin playing roulette, you must first buy in with the dealer. The dealer provides special chips for betting on the game.  This is because the casino has certain types of chips for regular casino games, such as blackjack, and if all players had the same chips, there would be disputes between players as to who bet what and who won. To eliminate this, the casino provides special roulette chips that are in a wide variety of colors.  Each player receives a different color of chips to place their bets.  When you are done playing roulette, the roulette dealer must cash you out and provide you with regular casino chips, which can then be cashed out at the casino cage. The cage cannot cash roulette chips, as they are no good elsewhere in the casino.

Additionally, each table also has a maximum and minimum bet that you can bet.  You cannot combine inside or outside bets to meet a table's maximum.  If the minimum is $5 on a table, then you must actually bet $5 on the inside area of the table or $5 on the outside area.  You are not able to split your $5 bet, such as $3 on the outside and $2 on the inside.

Inside Bets
There are various inside bets that you can make. The inside area is the location of the numbers on which you can bet. The following bets that can be placed on the inside are:

Straight Up: Single numbers up to 36 = 35-1 payout
Street Bets or Line Bets: On a line (chip straddles line) = 17-1 payout
Corner Bet or Quad Bet: On a corner or four corners (chip straddles two corners or four corners) = 8-1 payout
Basket Bet: This is a five number bet on zero.  If you bet double zero and the numbers 1,2 or 3 the payout equals 6-1.  However, the double zero has a house advantage of 7.89%.
Double Street Bet or Two Rows: This is a wager on six numbers (chip is placed on the line separating the outside and inside area, also allowing you to straddle the row above and below) and pays 5-1.  

Outside Bets
These bets are placed in the boxes outside the number area. These bets include:
Dozens Bets: First, second and third 12 numbers = 2-1 payout, but you lose if the zero or double zero comes up
1-18 or 1-19 Collectively = 1-1 payout
Red or black and even or odd = 1-1 payout


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