Vics Bingo
Play online bingo at Vics Bingo where your´re sure to be impressed! Take your pick, play bingo in any the three ultra sassy bingo rooms like the Retro Room or have fun in the city with City Bingo. With so much variety at your finger tips in online games such as bingo, video poker, slots, keno and pull tabs, what more could you possibly want! Don´t wait a minute longer, come get your free $25 bingo bucks and start having fun right away, no deposit required!  

Games on offer at Vics Bingo

    * Bingo - 3
    * VideoPoker - 4
    * Slots - 3
    * Classic Keno - 1
    * Pull Tabs - 4

Bingo Rooms
With three stylish bingo rooms to hangout in, go from the Retro Room with it´s cool mauve background or straight into City Bingo with its City Skyscrapers background. Get some of that flower power and win big in Flower bingo. All three bingo rooms have their own unique style with great graphics and with over 300 unique patterns to choose from and easy to follow games, how could you possibly be bored!

Classic Keno
Classic Keno allows you to just sit back and relax. This game is so easy and fun to play, go ahead and select your numbers, play those same numbers as many times as you wish by simply selecting the rounds. Enjoy viewing your game on a smooth and sophisticated deep purple and tanzanite background. Not only is this game pretty to look at, it´s also very straightforward and quite relaxing to play.

Slots on Vics Bingo are always fun! Have your pic, fancy a trip to the farm, go treasure hunting or visit a Hollywood movie set. With three different games to choose from, fun graphics to look at and regular payouts, what more could you possibly want? Sit back and relax while having fun on vicsbingo slots!

Get Cracking
Take a break and visit the farm, hear the birds chirping and the cows moo.  With so many easy winning options available at the tip of your fingers, you are sure to land your three piggies, chicks or cows on your wining line. Not only is this game very pleasant to look at and easy to play, it´s also a nice getaway. So, what are you waiting for, let´s ¨get cracking¨!

Hollywood Reels
How about a trip to a Hollywood set? Fancy some popcorn with that? This slots game takes you there with its colourful Hollywood inspired images and classic film background music. Three scatter reels wins you a scatter award, or win your dream home on a reel five for a bonus game. Go ahead and guess the 4-digit combination using your secret number pad and win your dream home! Lights, Action!

Trolling for Treasure
Come and have fun on the islands, listen to the seagulls and birds chirping away, pick any treasure chest and win bonus credits! This slots game is fun, easy and relaxing to play. 3 Scatters wins you a scatter award and three trolling for treasures lands you on the island where you get to pic your treasure chest. 

Pull Tabs
Vicsbingo offers players 4 different rooms to choose from in Pull Tab games. Games are colorful, fun and easy to play. Choose from swinging monkeys and hear the drums beating in Jungle Safari or find yourself in the middle of a bank robbery at Bank Heist.  Move out of Godzilla´s way or get trampled in Monster Bucks, or, play it safe with the kitties in Alley Cat.!

Video Poker
It is easy to win in Poker on Vicsbingo where online poker players have four different video games to choose from. All video poker games are quick, easy and fun to play! No wasting time trying to figure out your opponents cards and all that drama, just go ahead - Deal and Bet. It´s that easy!

    * All American
    * Bonus Poker
    * Bonus Poker Deluxe
    * Deuces & Jokers

As you can see vics bingo offers up so much more than just bingo games. Now is agreat chance to test the waters at online bingo bonus power house Vics Bingo and receive $25 no deposit just for doing so!

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